D&D Shoe Company, LLC wholesale company, is owned and operated by David, Lucy and Lamar Hardin along with 60 employess and Managers

D&D Shoe Company has acquired footwear from major department stores and manufacturers for over 30 years.  Early on the company supplied footwear to different retailers and helped smaller retailers open their own shoe businesses.


As time evolved and more and more of the smaller independent shoe stores fell to the ever changing climate of competeing with the large box stores and growing chain stores. D and D also had to change to meet the challenges of the day. In 2000 we added the new frontier of the internet. This was a totally new field and ground up learning experience. As we delved into this market place we realized that the necessary tools such as adequate software was not available, which led us into our own software development. Our proprietary software and other innovative ideas soon evelvated "shoetime", our ebay user name, to rank 170th in the world on eBay. As we began to have more and more demands for our prouduts in the export world, which we have always played a small role, We came to the realization that with the experience and associations that we have developed in the last 40 years that our future lays in the export of shoes to our contacts in Central America, South America, Africa and Eastern European Countries. Today we are shipping shoes from Eight of the largest Department and Chain store operations in the United to States and disposing of them out of their shopping markets.  

Our message to you.

Your success is our success.  We are committed in sharing our 40 years of experience in the footwear business and dedicate our time and service in working with you to grow your business today and in the future. Whether you are a buyer or a seller D & D Shoe Company will meet you needs.

The D&D Shoe Company Family.













 David and Lucy Hardin, owners of
 D&D Shoe Company.
What can D&D shoe Company do for you?

If You are a Seller wanting to sell your worn/damaged merchandise, end of season or your single shoes for maximum dollar recovery or you are a buyer looking for the best grade of export available we can meet your needs.

For inquiries and more information on how we can help you, contact us at
D and D shoe Company LLC
200 South 5th Street
Mayfield, Kentucky 42066
(270) 251-2055 or email at david@esavz.com