"My parents started D&D Shoe Company in their garage, with me and my siblings being their only employees. We all worked hard and through that hard work our family company has grown into an international wholesale shoe-selling business that is continuing to grow and succeed. While our work family has gotten larger, every employee at D&D Shoe Company does their part to make sure the values and beliefs that helped start this company are continued even as we face new challenges and succeed at larger goals. We maintain our work hard, play hard attitude and don't just want to grow our business, we want to help you grow yours as well, with the best shoe products available at the lowest prices."
- Lamar Hardin, CEO

Meet our Team, they want to meet you!

David Hardin, Founder

David Hardin began D&D Shoe Company with the help of his family and a local neighbor's garage, and with those humble beginnings the company began to grow into the vision that he and his wife sought when they founded it. His motto is, "Shoes is what I do", and that rings true when you get to know him.

Lamar Hardin, CEO

Lamar Hardin has been involved in his father's company since the very beginning. He's learned the insides and outsides of the business and brings his vision and passion with him every day. His goal is making sure that D&D Shoe company is able to offer the highest quality products while also maintaining the family-oriented environment his father started the company more than 30 years ago. Lamar brings an oversight to the company only someone who has been selling shoes as long as he has can offer. His ultimate want is for the people he does business with to grow and succeed with their own goals, and that is what makes working with him such a positive experience. He helps bring that goal with him every day and infects his employees with his positivity and ambition. Under Lamar's supervision, the company has grown into the international retailer it is today. Lamar's number one goal is to ensure that your company grows from the support and product that D&D Shoe Company offers with every purchase.

Marshall McLeod, General Manager

Marshall McLeod is the swiss army knife of the company, whether it's fixing broken technology, installing new wiring for the server network, or working out logistical concerns, Marshall is the man you want to be fixing your current problem. His last 25 years at the company has shown he is able to accept any challenge and complete it to the best of his abilities. When asked about his time at D&D Shoe Company he said, "There is never a boring day" and that he likes being able to face new problems and solve them. D&D Shoe Company is able to point toward members of our team like Marshall to show the attitude, expertise, and work ethic that makes us as great as we are.

Mike Lemmons, Sales

Mike Lemmons began his stay with D&D Shoe Company over 15 years ago, but he has been involved in the clothing industry for much longer. He cut his teeth selling lady's apparel, as well as helping in the distribution of highly successful pop-culture brand items. Mr. Lemmons brings an expertise and experience with him that allows D&D Shoe Company to offer the best service and understanding to our partners through his ability to meet any and all needs with his skills. We at D&D Shoe Company are excited to let Mike do what he does best, help you acquire quality products that are going to grow your business.

Mike also Markets CBD oil

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  • We have a lot of fun at D&D Shoe Company, and believe if people enjoy their jobs they're going to do even better at them. Below are some of the smiling faces that are packing your product every single order.